Mosquito Backpack Fogging

Backpack fogger


Mosquito control is a necessary evil when it comes to pest control in Houston.  It can be very effective as well as very expensive.  McGrath Pest Control understands the struggles in dealing with mosquito control cost.  For that reason we offer a more affordable method.  Mosquito backpack fogging is a very cost effective method in controlling and eliminating mosquitos as well as other yard insects.  The backpack fogging typically last a few weeks and will reduce the amount of mosquitos to a comfortable level.  Our skilled technicians are able fog under houses, under and inside bushes, around the edge of yards, and under the eaves of the house.  McGrath Pest Control can service your yard for a one time fee, or we can set you up on a every 3 week schedule for a 6 month period at a discounted rate.

Call or email today to set up your mosquito backpack fogging treatment and do not let those pesky little creatures ruin your back yard party.  Click here to set up an appointment.

Backpack fogging is not only for mosquitos.  It’s a great way to control a number of insects including spiders, ants, and roaches.