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To be successful and eradicate the bed bugs, we must have your cooperation. Please read the following preparation guidelines carefully, and follow each step before the date of your treatment.

  • Place all blankets, sheets, covers, pillows, bath towels, and drapes/curtains from the bed and room into sealed bags for transport to the laundry.
  • Empty drawers and closets and place belongings into sealed plastic bags.
  • Place all clothing and coats into sealed plastic bags for transport to the laundry. Shoes, pillows, and children plush toys should be bagged for laundry.
  • Plastic toys, books, electronics and anything that cannot be washed should be bagged separately for inspection.
  • The room should be empty of all cloth and plush items, except plush furniture. If possible, the pillows and removable covers should be removed and laundered.
  • Move furniture at least 18 inches away from walls.
  • Make sure the pest control professional can get to all furniture, closets, beds, and baseboards to inspect and treat.
  • After laundry, seal all clothing in large clear plastic bags. Clear bags are good because bed bugs can be seen inside. Do not put clean clothing or items in used plastic bags; make sure to use a brand-new plastic bag for the clean items.
  • Personal belongings should be inspected carefully, cleaned, and sealed in plastic bags or bins. Do not use cardboard boxes; bed bugs can hide in folds, and deposit eggs there.
  • All clothes, linens, pillows, shoes, coats, and children’s plush toys should be treated by placing them in a HOT dryer for 30 minutes. Do not overstuff the dryer, heat must reach all items. Wash all clothing that you will be wearing. Do not put clean clothing or items in old bags.
  • On the day of treatment, make sure you are wearing clean clothes out the door.
  • Remove outlet covers and switch plates on all walls.
  • Picture frames should be removed from the walls and cleaned or treated. People and pets must leave the area during treatment and wait the stated amount of time before reentering, usually 4 hours. If there is a fish tank in the household, it should be covered with a towel or plastic, because fish are very sensitive to pesticides.
  • All clothing, linens and other items must be cleaned(free of bed bugs) and kept isolated until bed bug problem is eliminated. We do not recommend moving a tenant to a new apartment because of the likelihood of transporting bed bugs to the new unit.
  • Keep clean items separate from items that have not been checked or cleaned.
  • All personal belongings should remain in the bag or bin until they can be carefully inspected or washed.
  • The room should be emptied of all personal belongings and floors should be thoroughly vacuumed with a brush attachment (which should later be washed in hot water and detergent). Bag or can should be disposed of outside in a plastic bag.
  • The mattress and box spring should be vacuumed to remove any live bed bugs and debris.
  • Encasements are mandatory and will be placed at the time of treatment – any bugs which happen to be inside will be entombed and eventually die.
  • Hard furniture, floors, and walls should be washed liberally with soapy water.
  • Wash in and around any non-electrical heating units (such as steam pipes or radiators).
  • Two chemical treatments will take place 10 days apart. It is recommended that your personal belongings remain in plastic bags during the 10 day period between treatments.

If your home is not prepared properly on the day of treatment, out technician(s) may refuse to perform the service. Lack of preparation can also result in a voided warranty.
Please contact a McGrath Pest Control representative if you have any questions regarding the preparation process for a chemical treatment.