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I wanted to post a few random pictures I took last week while working.  There is a new business that kept having ants in and around their building.  I couldn’t find the source till now.

blog post photo
blog post photo

I sprayed behind the trim and boom I hit the jackpot.  Their problem was solved not too long after that.  Usually when you find the source of anything it solves all the other problems.

The next picture goes back to one of my previous blogs.  Rats, Rats, Rats.  This customer was having a problem with rats.  I told her along with trapping upstairs, we need to figure out where the rats were entering the house.  Bingo!! I found it.

blog post photo

My next job is to seal this up and place a bait box down below.

blog post photo

I see stuff like this all the time especially this time of year.

Hope this helps
Scott McGrath
McGrath Pest Control

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A Houston native and owner of a 36 yr family own pest control business. We service both residential and commercial accounts in and around the surrounding Houston area.
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  1. David Etherington says:

    Nice work there scott keep up the good work I look forward to reading more about your adventures in pest control. :)

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