Happy New Year

As the year comes to an end, I like to reflect on how the past year impacted McGrath Pest Control.  In the 39 years that we have been in business this has been one of the best ever.  I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a good staff and and even better customers.  We have all worked so hard trying to be the best pest control company in Houston and I believe we are on our way in achieving that goal.  As productive as 2012 was, I know there is so much more work to be done and so much oppotunity for us out there.

I look forward to 2013 and all the new customers we will acquire and satisfy.  Get ready.  This is going to be the best year ever.  Thanks again for everyone’s help and support.

Scott McGrath


About Scott McGrath

A Houston native and owner of a 36 yr family own pest control business. We service both residential and commercial accounts in and around the surrounding Houston area.
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5 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. David Etherington says:

    Glad to hear you had a great year we were a little down in 2012 mainly due to the wet wether that all but wiped out the wasps. Fingers crossed for a great 2013 :)

  2. Domingo says:

    Thank you for your blogs. Now I think I found the solution to my rodent problem. How naive I was to believe that I have solved it after catching some friendly rodents via Victor mouse traps. Immediately after ‘harvesting’ a family, I heard some more noise at night. I was desperate and didn’t know where these rodents are getting into the house. I thought I have sealed all the nooks and cranny in the garage leading into the house!

    Until I see your picture of the airconditioning inlet above. I went immediately to where mine is and lo and behold! The ‘hard foam’ that blocks the little passageway is gone.

    Well, hopefully, this solves everything. Again, thank you.

  3. Scott says:

    Those are some good pics. I have seen things like that in VA, but now I live in UT so when I see any bugs I call these guys –> salt lake pest control They seem to do a great job especially with utah termites.

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