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Bird Deterrent


Birds are graceful creatures and essential to our eco-system, but when they enter our living and working spaces, they can and will become a nuisance pest that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  Both Commercial properties and residential properties are vulnerable to the problems associated with these birds. Luckily bird deterrent methods used by McGrath Pest Control will help eliminate these issues.


Problems associated with these pesky birds:

  • Excesses noises:  Many species of birds produce an irritating noise when they gather in sizable numbers.  These noises can cause havoc to business owners and customers deterring them from returning to that place of business.
  • Nest:  Birds can make huge nest around the edges of buildings as well as inside attics.  These nest can cause roof damage, block ventilation systems, and even cause fires.
  • Bird Mites:  Bird mites can be a serious problem to a home owner.  They will live in bird nest and inhabit the home and eventually attachment themselves to a human host.  These mites will cause extreme rashes and sometimes can cause illnesses.
  • Droppings:  Droppings account for some of the most visible and serious problems associated with bird issues.  They can transmit diseases, damage property, damage air conditioning equipment and industrial machinery, and can fade automobile finishes.


Bird Deterrence Methods:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Netting
  • Safe Bird Chemical Repellents
  • Scare-away Devices


In summary, birds can cause property damage and human health issues. Let McGrath Pest Control use our years of successful bird deterrent/control experience to keep you safe.  Don’t let these pesky birds ruin your home or place of business.  Call McGrath Pest Control at 281-469-8240 for you free consultation.  You can also set up an appointment on here.

A wearhouse we service
Adding spikes to a business


Bird Spikes
George is busy adding bird deterrent spikes to the top of a roof.
Installing bird spikes
We can also use a boom life if needed to install bird spikes.


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