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American Cockroach

american_cockroach-135x108The american cockroach, or as one of our customers calls them – the big bombers, is one of the largest roaches. They usually live under ground, in trees, under roof shingles, and even in attics. It consumes decaying organic matter, but since the cockroach is a scavenger, it will eat most anything. It prefers sweets and has been observed eating paper, boots, hair, bread, fruit, book bindings, fish, peanuts, old rice, the soft part on the inside of animal hides, cloth and dead insects.

German Roach

German CoackroachThese are the dreaded german roaches. You better hope you never get these pesky little creatures. They will nest in places like kitchen cabinets, dish washers, ovens, and under kitchen counter tops. Once you get them started its extremely difficult to get rid of them. German roaches feed on food, grease, and glue, as a result, they are usually more prevalent in restaurants and kitchens.

Asian Roach

Asian CoachroachThese roaches are very similar to German cockroaches. They prefer to stay in shaded and damp areas. They are active at night, that means they are nocturnal insects. They have wings to fly and they can cover a long distance. Keep this in mind that these roaches are attracted to bright lights. If you do not want these pest to bother you, then you should turn off any bright lights at night. There are two big differences between the Asian roach and the German roach. The first is the fact that the Asian roach can fly short distances whereas the German cannot. The other is the position of their egg sack. The Asian almost hides their’s and the German’s egg sack protrudes a great amount from the back of it’s body.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental CockroachLike the American cockroaches, these cockroaches are also called the water bug, but unlike them, they do have wings, which they do not use. In fact, these cockroaches cannot fly.
They are usually found beneath leaves, or crawl into flower beds. They can also be found underground in people’s homes. Droughts and winters force these cockroaches to become pest in people’s homes. These cockroaches are dark brown in color and they are at least 1.25 inches in length.

Brownbanded Cockroach

Brown banded CockroachThe brownbanded cockroach feeds on starch materials (book sizing and wallpaper paste) and even nonfood materials such as nylon stockings. They prefer to hide in warm, elevated areas near the ceiling, behind wall decorations, pictures, loose wallpaper, in shower stalls, underneath chairs and tables, in closets, beneath or inside upholstered furniture, and in electrical appliances such as TV sets, stereos, radios and toasters. They develop and live throughout your house (especially bedrooms), making control difficult.

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