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Termite Treatments

Post Termite Treatments


“Termites on need about 1/64th” to enter your home or business”

Termites can do millions of dollars each and every year to a persons home. Your house is your biggest investment, so why would you want to risk it by not knowing who to call or what to look for when it comes to termites.

McGrath Pest Control has successfully detected and eliminated termites throughout the greater Houston area for over 43 years. For the past 16 years, McGrath Pest Control have performed thousands of termite treatments using the termicide Termidor, and still today we have had ZERO retreats in the areas where we have treated for termites. Termidor is the best termicide on the market and we would never use anything else.

The key to termite detection is visualization. You have to be able to see the tunnel to know you have them. Termites are also attracted to moisture and fungus. Here are some signs you may need a termite inspection and/or a preventive termite treatment.

  • Anything covering up the foundation line
    • soil line too high
    • wooden deck over the foundation line
    • vines covering the side of the house
    • siding too low to the ground
  • Excessive moisture around the base of the structure.
  • High foliage around the house
  • A pier and beam house
  • A wood pile up against the house

There are many more signs, but the above are just some of the more common signs homeowners over look every day.
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termite inspection.

Pre Construction Termites Treatment

Whether you are building a commercial property or a new residential home, treating the soil and plumbing areas before the slab is poured will greatly reduce the chances of getting termites at a later date. Contact us for more information and pricing options.


Do not build your new home or business without getting a pre construction termite treatment performed.

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