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While armadillos are rather comical-looking and non-aggressive, their ability to dig up and root around vegetation and landscaping can place your property in serious jeopardy of damage. An armadillo has an unmistakable appearance with its thick armored plating, small ears and pointed nose. If you have a problem with armadillos in your yard, it is best to call the armadillo removal experts at McGrath Pest Control Service, serving Metro Houston. Take the worry out of dealing with a problem armadillo by letting our experienced wildlife control technicians humanely catch and relocate a nuisance armadillo. is your single-source for invasive wildlife control Services in Metro Houston. 

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The nine-banded armadillo has expanded its territory across the Southern United States to include most of Texas and throughout the Houston Metro Area and Gulf Coast. And, as armadillos are prone to dig, burrow and root around soil searching for insects and vegetation to consume, they can cause heavy damage to property. Armadillos can damage lawns, gardens, underground utilities and even your buildings by weakening foundational support and creating sinkholes. Armadillos use their powerful legs, long, sharp front claws to break up and dig through the soil in search of all sorts of bugs, including ants, beetles, larvae and termites. The holes they dig, the tunnels they create and the soil and turf they tear up are exactly how armadillos have become such an iconic residential pest. If you spot an armadillo on your property, it is best to leave it alone and call the experts at McGrath Pest Control Service to remove and relocate it safely. Armadillos are considered to be one of the only creatures to carry the bacteria that can cause Hansen’s Disease, otherwise known as leprosy.  

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Don’t continue to put up with the nuisance, health threat and property damage often caused by problem wildlife, including armadillos, on your Houston-area property. McGrath Pest Control Service provides effect armadillo control services, in Metro Houston, including the communities of:

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While armadillos are fascinating wildlife, they deserve a better life than rummaging around your residential Houston property. Let us remove a nuisance armadillo and return it to a better habitat. If you see an armadillo on your property, just call the experts at McGrath Pest Control Service, the leader in pest and animal control services in Metro Houston since 1974.