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Raccoons Control Services in Houston

The habitat of Metro Houston provides a welcome place for wildlife, including raccoons, to set up home, often too close to the places people live. Sometimes our animal friends turn into unwelcome guests, placing humans and pets in jeopardy of disease and injury and property at risk of becoming damaged. Racoons are extremely clever, intelligent and adaptable animals that are known to cause damage to property in the Metro Houston Area. If you are experiencing a nuisance raccoon problem on your Houston property, call the team at McGrath Pest Control Service for non-lethal, humane and effective raccoon removal. 

Pros in Raccoon Control Services to Protect Your Property and Your Family

Raccoons are curious and often comical masked creatures with opposable thumbs and an appetite to forage just about everything in sight. These creatures are nocturnal, voracious feeders and are great climbers, ready to find a way into your home. In the process of finding food and shelter, raccoons can damage roofing, gutters, vents and structural components of your house. And, if raccoons are already living in your attic or crawlspace, they are super comfortable. It will take professionals with the right tools and expertise to remove a raccoon invasion. Raccoons, however, can damage roofs, attics and crawl spaces, plus carry diseases, including rabies. Our wildlife control specialists have extensive experience in safely removing problem raccoons from homes and businesses in Metro Houston. We use considerate and respectful means to remove raccoons from your property, including trapping and catch-and-release methods. We focus on blocking access areas to your property to prevent other raccoons and wildlife from invading your home. 

Effective Raccoon Removal for Your Houston Property

You can count on McGrath Pest Control Service for effective removal of pest raccoons, serving Metro Houston, including the communities of:

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Do you have sneaking suspicion your property has been invaded by a problem raccoon? Do you hear scurrying noises in your roof, attic or crawlspace? These are the warning signs of a pest raccoon. You no longer, however, have to put up with the anxiety, health risk and property damage caused by a problem raccoon. Give McGrath Pest Control Service a call to take care of your nuisance raccoon problem right now. We are all the pest and wildlife control you’ll ever need!