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Opossum Control Services in Houston

Opossums are becoming more and more common in Metro Houston as they and other wildlife seek food and shelter. Often taking up residence in residential yards and structures, opossums present a nuisance and hazard when they climb into the roof, attic or walls of your home. Knowing professionals experienced at opossum removal is key to protecting your property. If you spot an opossum on your property, call the team at McGrath Pest Control Service to assess the risk to your property and to create a plan to safely, effectively and humanely remove the opossum or multiple offending animals from your property. 

Experienced Opossum Control Services to Safeguard Your Houston-Area Property

Opossums are relatively quiet and non-confrontational, but often hiss or screech when threatened and can scratch or bite if cornered. You may not see an opossum invading your property, because they are nocturnal, resting during the day and feeding at night. Opossums are excellent scavengers, going to great lengths to find food, including invading your pet’s food and climbing onto your house to set up a home for its family in your roof, walls, attic, foundation or crawlspace. If you are experiencing safety, health or property damage threats from opossums, it is time to call the opossum removal experts at McGrath Wildlife Control Service.

Live Trapping of Opossums in Houston

McGrath Pest Control Service provides complete wildlife control services, including opossum removal, in Metro Houston, including the communities of:

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If you have detected telltale signs of opossums around your Houston-area property, contact the professionals at opossum removal—McGrath Pest Control Services. While prevention is always the key to avoiding pests and wildlife from damaging your property and threatening the health and safety of you and your family, we are ready to help when you have an immediate opossum problem. We know how to handle pest opossums and can remove them in a safe, effective and humane manner. We’ve been doing pest and animal control services in Metro Houston since 1974. Call us to solve your opossum issue today.