Mole Removal & Control

Mole Control Services in Houston

Are moles driving you crazy? Moles are notorious for digging, tunneling and building molehills in yards and landscaping. Don’t allow nuisance moles to overrun your property, causing more and more damage. Turn to the professionals for best practices in mole trapping, removal and relocation. Grath Pest Control Services offers quick, effective and humane mole removal from your Houston-area property. We offer 100-percent effective mole removal with our proven trapping technologies. Call us to schedule a convenient session to inspect your property and create a plan to make it mole-free. Enjoy a perfect lawn, landscape and garden again without annoying moles. 

Expert Mole Control Services to Protect Your Property

Moles are considered harmless animals, but they are capable of extensively damaging turf, lawns, gardens, flower beds and more. Expert diggers, moles quickly tunnel through the earth damaging everything in their path. In fact, moles live underground nearly their entire lives and can dig up to 160 feet in a single day. They are in a constant search for food, consuming worms, grubs, beetles, larvae and insects. While moles are not rodents, they are small, gray with a tapered snout and powerful front legs with paws perfectly designed to dig. Moles create extensive tunnel networks and build molehills, which can kill portions of lawns and weaken plant roots. 

Live Mole Trapping Services in Houston

You no longer need to tolerate the nuisance of moles and the damage they cause to your property. Call McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston, which uses humane live animal trapping methods to remove problem moles and introduce them to the wild away from your property. McGrath Pest Control Service provides effective and humane mole control services among its portfolio of complete wildlife control services for Metro Houston, including the communities of:

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Moles can ruin your lawn, gardens and flowerbeds with visible tunneling and large molehills, often weakening plant roots. Now you can gain control over moles invading your Metro Houston property by teaming up with McGrath Pest Control Service. Ask about our no-cost on-site inspection and detailed quote for effective, safe and humane mole removal.