Magnolia Pest Control Service

Magnolia Pest Control Service

We know from years of experience that issues with pests can occur throughout the year and in any season. Whether you have a rodent problem, yard insect infestation or threat from a wasp nest, we are ready to help you. Connect with McGrath Pest Control Service for total pest control for residents and business owners in Magnolia. Helping maintain the health, well-being and safety of your family by controlling any pest predicament is our primary concern. 

Magnolia's Most-Effective Pest Control Solution Provider Since 1974

We are available to treat a pest infestation before it gets out of control. Don’t let a pest problem damage your home or business, ruining its real estate value and endangering your family, employees and customers. Call the leaders in total pest control—McGrath Pest Control Service. Since 1974, we have developed a winning approach to total pest control starting with a thorough inspection. We address pest problems with a variety of methods, products, treatments and technologies, including exclusion, extermination, prevention and regular maintenance. We can provide one-time treatments or regular inspections and maintenance services, depending on your pest control needs in Magnolia.  

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage for Magnolia

We remove pests of all kinds from residential and commercial properties in Magnolia. You will be glad you selected McGrath Pest Control Service as your go-to solution provider for pest control. We offer you the McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage as a Magnolia customer:

  • No signed contracts required.
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Two generations of pest control excellence since 1974.
  • State-certified pest control technicians.
  • Old-fashioned customer service.
  • Updated technology and modern methods for pest control.
  • Custom pest control treatment plans.

Serving Homeowners and Business in Metro Houston and Magnolia

We are proud to have carved out a well-known reputation for providing old-fashioned customer service with updated technology and safe and modern methods for superior pest control over two generations since 1974. We have served homeowners and businesses throughout Metro Houston and Magnolia and in communities including:

Total Pest Control in Magnolia, Texas

Locally owned and operated, McGrath Pest Control Service is the longtime leader in total pest control in Metro Houston and Magnolia, Texas. Protect your home or business with superior pest control. Call us for a free pest inspection and consultation if you suspect or have seen evidence your property has experienced pest problems. We will get your pest issue under control fast, completely and affordably.