Pasadena Pest Control Service

Pasadena Pest Control Service

Now you can fight back against mosquitoes, roaches, termites, rodents and other common pests with help from McGrath Pest Control Service, the leader in total pest control for Metro Houston and Pasadena, Texas, homeowners and businesses since 1974. We realize that choosing a reputable pest control service is a critical decision in maintaining the condition of your property and protecting your family, employees and customers. We are confident that you will notice the difference McGrath Pest Control Services makes in controlling and eliminating any and all pests in and around your home or business. In fact, we guarantee our work 100 percent. And remember, at McGrath Pest Control Service, signed contracts are never required. 

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage for Pasadena, Texas

For two generations since 1974, we have carefully maintained a great reputation for providing old-fashioned customer service with updated technology and safe and modern methods for superior pest control. Our team of experienced pest control technicians at McGrath Pest Control Service have developed expert knowledge of pest behavior, methods to control and eliminate pests with the latest products, treatments and technology. We are proud to demonstrate all of the reasons why we are the best and only pest control service you’ll ever need. 

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage for Pasadena:

  • No signed contracts required.
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Two generations of pest control excellence since 1974.
  • State-certified pest control technicians.
  • Old-fashioned customer service.
  • Updated technology and modern methods for pest control.
  • Custom pest control treatment plans.

Total Pest Control for Metro Houston and Pasadena

Whatever problem you may be experiencing with pests in and around your home or business in Metro Houston and Pasadena, we can handle the situation and customize a pest control approach to match your requirements. We provide fast, effective and affordable service to a wide range of the metropolitan area, including:

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Relax and feel the confidence of selecting the regional leader in pest control—McGrath Pest Control Service. A pest-free home and work environment is not only possible, it is attainable with help from our Pasadena pest control experts. We urge you to contact us today to find out why we are all the pest control you’ll ever need!