Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections for Metro Houston

At McGrath Pest Control, pest inspections are included with all pest control services & treatment plans. If you think you may have pests in your home and are looking for professional help, contact us regarding our general pest control service! 

Whether you have discovered pest infestations in your home, observed evidence of a pest problem or simply would like the peace of mind of having your home checked out for possible pest problems, we are ready to help you with pest inspections. Our experienced pest control technicians provide pest inspections to Metro Houston homeowners to diagnose any pest problems, pinpoint its origin and formulate an effective pest control treatment plan to prevent the problem from recurring. When you call McGrath Pest Control, you will be confident that a full pest inspection will be conducted prior to any type of treatment being performed.  This will insure the best possible service with the best optimal results.

What to Expect for Thorough Pest Inspections

Regularly scheduled inspections are a critical component of a successful residential pest control plan. Members of our pest inspections team perform a detailed visual inspection of your home, looking for evidence of pest infestation areas, including structural damage, hives, nests and the actual pests themselves. We identify the various pests causing problems in your home, the source of the problems and the severity. With this knowledge, we offer options as a course of pest control action to deal with each specific pest problem. For thorough pest inspections, contact McGrath Pest Control. We have been providing comprehensive pest control services, including pest inspections for Houston Area homes since 1974. We combine our old-fashioned customer service with updated technology and safe and modern methods for the best pest control in town.

Detailed Pest Inspection for Metro Houston

Whether interior of your Metro Houston ome is suffering from infestations of pantry pests, bed bugs or roaches, or the structure of your home has sustained damage from termites or rodents, McGrath Pest Control Service is on call for a complete inspection to diagnose the pest problems and pinpoint them for elimination. We provide pest inspections and total pest control in Metropolitan Houston, including:

Take the First Step to Total Pest Control with Pest Inspections

Contact McGrath Pest Control for a pest inspection of your Houston Area home. Pest inspections are the primary important step in identifying pests issues and eliminating them. Are you ready to get your pest problems under control fast, completely and affordably? Contact us today to set up an easy and convenient pest inspection for your home.