Yard Insect Treatments

Yard Insect Treatments for Metro Houston

A complete yard insect treatment is a critical part of any pest control treatment plane. Insects can invade any part of your yard and, if left untreated, will spread and eventually may penetrate your home. McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston offers multiple options for yard insect treatments designed to eliminate current yard insect issues and prevent any future yard insect issues from occurring. 


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Specialized Pest Control Treatments for Insects around Your Yard

The specialists on our team at McGrath Pest Control Service utilize several different types of yard insect treatments, including liquid yard insect treatments, granule yard insect treatments and bait treatments for yard insects. Our yard insect treatments are effective for all insects living in and around your property. And, our treatments for yard insects are safe for people and pets. We treat all grassy areas, bushes, bases of  trees, perimeter of the home, fence lines and all expansion joints. This treatment includes, but not limited to, the control of:

  • Ants
  • Chinch bugs
  • Earwigs
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Ticks

Your Source for Yard Insect Treatments in the Houston Area

Find out more about the safe and effective yard insect treatments from McGrath Pest Control Service. Our pest control technicians will take care of any problem yard insects before they have a chance to become an even bigger problem and infest other areas of your property, including your home.  

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage:

  • No signed contracts required.
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Two generations of pest control excellence since 1974.
  • State-certified pest control technicians.
  • Old-fashioned customer service.
  • Updated technology and modern methods for pest control.
  • Custom pest control treatment plans.

Metro Houston's Leader for Yard Insect Treatments

Let us show you why we are all the pest control you’ll ever need. McGrath Pest Control Service offers comprehensive yard insect treatments in communities in the Metro Houston Area, including:

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Find out more about McGrath Pest Control Service’s yard insect treatments. We can take care of the insect problems in your yard quickly, completely and affordably. Contact us and see why we are all the pest control you’ll ever need!