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While small in size, but large in numbers, wood-hungry termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a home. And while your house may be your largest investment you make in your lifetime, avoid the risk termites may cause to your valuable real estate. Call McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston for effective HOuston termite control and termite exterminator services. McGrath Pest Control Service has completed thousands of successful termite control and eradication treatments using the termiticide Termidor. We are proud to report we have had zero re-treatments needed in the areas in which we have applied termite control and termite extermination treatments. We believe Termidor is the most-effective termite control and termite exterminator treatment on the market today. 

What Are You Going To Do When Termites Swarm?

The Keys to Effective Termite Control and Termite Extermination

The key to termite detection is visualization. Termite tunnels must be observed to know positively if a location has a termite infestation problem. Termites are attracted to wood, moisture and fungus. And, did you know that termites only need about 1/64th of an inch opening to enter your home or business? \

Here are some common signs every homeowner should look for that indicates a termite inspection and a preventive termite treatment may be required:

  • Materials covering a foundation line
  • Soil line that is too high
  • Wood deck constructed above a foundation line
  • Vines covering the side of a house
  • Siding that is too low to the ground
  • Excessive moisture around the base of a building’s structure
  • High foliage around a house
  • A pier and beam structured house
  • Wood piled up against a house
Houston Termite Control - Termite shavings damaging a wooden structure

You Need a Pre-Construction Termite Eradication Treatment

We urge you to have a pre-construction termite treatment performed before having your new home or  commercial structure built. Whether you are building a new residential or commercial property or a new residential home, schedule a termite control and termite extermination treatment. Treating the soil and plumbing areas for termites before the slab is poured will greatly reduce the chances of getting termites at a later date. Contact us for more information on Houston termite control and pricing options.

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McGrath Pest Control Service has been the source for residential and commercial pest control, including termite control and termite extermination for two generations since 1974. We offer total pest control in the Metro Houston Area, including:

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