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Rodent Exclusion

Rodent Exclusion – A Must in the Houston Area

Wild animals will reside in the attics, basements, and even in the walls of your home if given the opportunity.  Their reason for doing this is simple.  Shelter and safety.  It’s dry, warm, and generally free of other predators.  They see it as a place to avoid the elements and raise a family.  Once they have established residency in your home they can cause more harm than not.  They can chew on wires, they can urinate and defecate in attics causing a bad smell as well as a pose a health hazard to you.  They can also bring in other problems like fleas and mites.

Finding and sealing up the areas where animals are entering your home is the most essential thing you can do.  You can trap and bait all day long, but if you do not seal up the areas where they are entering then you will have an on going issue year after year.

McGrath Pest Control has over 40 years experience in the construction field.  We use this knowledge to locate potential entry points, analyze the best and most cost effective way to seal them up, and offer a warranty on all work done. Call today to be proactive and have one of our experts come out for a free home exclusion consultation. 281-469-8240.

rodent exclusion work
Keeping Rodents from coming in a house


Below are some pictures of our exclusion work.

The winter months are when the majority of the rodent/animal activity occurs.  Do not wait till you have a problem to get it solved.  Be proactive and set up your animal exclusion consultation today.  Click here to make your appointment.

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