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Nutria Control Services in Houston

Do you have pest nutria on your property? Are nutria invading the confines of your yard and landscaping, damaging vegetation and creating a health and safety hazard? The wildlife control experts at McGrath Pest Control Service can solve your nutria problem fast, effectively and affordably. Call us to find out more about our specialized nutria trapping, removal services. Nutria are becoming a bigger and bigger problem for property owners in the Metro Houston Area. Turn to the experts in nutria removal today. Ask about our free onsite inspection and detailed quote for nutria control services.  

Nutria—an Invasive Species that Can Threaten Your Property

Nutria or coypu—a semi-aquatic rodent—is commonly mistaken for an otter, muskrat, or small beaver. The beaver rat, swamp beaver or spiny rat, as it is sometimes called, is an invasive species introduced to North American from South America. It is known to transmit diseases to people and animals through contact with contaminated water. Nutria weigh up to 20 pounds and can attack people and pet dogs if threatened. They eat large amounts of vegetation, as much as a quarter of its body weight every day. They consume plant stems, leafy matter, roots, tubers and tree bark, disrupting the habitat for other animals in marshes, wetlands and swamp lands. Nutria often damage lawns and commercial crops, too. 

Live Nutria Animal Trapping Services in Houston

Avoid threats from property damage, nuisance behavior and disease associated with invasive nutria. McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston employs humane live animal trapping methods to remove pest nutria. Our team of expert nutria and other wildlife control services is set to help home and business owners throughout Metro Houston, including the communities of:

Professional Nutria Control Services for Metro Houston

Overpopulation of invasive nutria has resulted in significant damage to wetlands, important habitat for wildlife. Prevent further damage to your property and risk of disease by letting the professionals at McGrath Pest Control take care of your nutria problem. We promise to be all the pest and wildlife control you’ll ever need! Call us today to get started.