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While fleas are tiny, they are especially hazardous pests to humans and pets because of the potential diseases they carry and spread, including bubonic plague. Typically, fleas come into our home on the fur of our pets, but can be brought inside on birds, bats and rodents. If you see fleas moving around and jumping in your Metro Houston home, take immediate action by calling the flea eradication experts at McGrath Pest Control Service.

Five Fascinating Facts about Fleas

Fleas are excellent jumpers and very strong insects. Here’s five fascinating facts about fleas:
  1. Fleas are flightless insects that can jump more than 30,000 consecutive times. Now that’s a lot of energy!
  2. Fleas can jump the equivalent of the height of the Eiffel Tower if they were people-sized.
  3. Fleas are super strong, too, able to carry objects up to 150 times their body weight.
  4. Adult fleas can survive about one week to ingest blood, so they are on a hungry prowl once they emerge as adult fleas.
  5. Female fleas take in 15 times their own weight in blood in one day and lay 2,000 eggs over their lifespan.

How to Prevent Flea Infestations in Your Houston Home

Deterring and getting rid of fleas involves a combination of several approaches. To eliminate fleas, clean your pets, pet bedding and problem areas in the home. One of the most-effective ways to keep fleas out of your home is taking good care of your pets. Control your pets outdoors and limit their exposure to other pets, strays and wild animals. Clean and brush your cats and dogs, and always inspect them for fleas on a regular basis. Try flea-control products on your pets, including flea collars, flea sprays and flea-control bathing products. Other basic measures will prevent flea infestations in your home, including regular cleaning since fleas often hide in nooks and crannies of walls, floors and furniture. Make sure to regularly clean bedding, carpets and rugs. And, remember, after finishing vacuuming, take the machine outdoors, remove the vacuum bag, seal it and properly dispose of the bag. Next, call the expert flea exterminators at McGrath Pest Control Service to professionally treat your home.

The Flea Extermination Experts for Metro Houston

The largest threat fleas pose to your family and pets are the various diseases fleas commonly carry and spread to other animals and humans through biting. Contact the team at McGrath Pest Control Service for comprehensive flea eradication services. We serve Metro Houston, including the communities of:

Treating a Yard for Fleas

Got Fleas? Call Us for Permanent Flea Eradication 

If you have fleas inside your home, don’t panic. Call our friendly team at McGrath Pest Control Service for advice on ridding fleas from your property fast, safely and affordably. We provide the most-effective methods for flea extermination in Metro Houston. Call us with any questions!