Gopher Removal & Control

Gopher Control Services in Houston

Gophers are accomplished diggers that can invade your property, burrowing under your lawn, landscaping and gardens to create intricate tunnel systems. Don’t let problem gophers ruin your property. Call the Metro Houston experts in gopher control at McGrath Pest Control Service. Our team of experienced wildlife control service specialists quickly analyze the extent of gopher infestation, develop a plan to trap, remove and relocate problem gophers from your property. Plus, our crew is skilled at fixing the turf and landscaping, improving its aesthetics and implementing measures to prevent future gopher invasions from happening again. 

How Our Gopher Control Service Works

Has your lawn, turf, landscaping and garden sustained damage from invasive gophers? Turn to the professionals for gopher control services. We can fix your gopher problem quickly, effectively and humanely. Gophers can move in from neighboring properties and begin burrowing and damaging your lawn and landscaping in as little as one day. That’s why it is so important to immediately take action when you suspect gophers have infiltrated your Houston-area property, inflicting damage that requires costly repairs. Mitigate the destruction caused by gophers by teaming up with the gopher mitigation team at McGrath Pest Control Services. 

Live Gopher Trapping Services in Houston

Gophers are prolific rodents that spend most of their lives below ground, digging networks of tunnels and feeding on landscaping vegetation and roots. If you spot dirt mounds in front of holes in the ground or the roof of tunnels damaging your property, it is time to call McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston for problem gopher control services. We provide comprehensive wildlife control services, including gopher removal, in Metro Houston, including the communities of:

Problems with Gophers? Contact Houston's Gopher Control Experts Today.

Take the initiative to rid your Metro Houston property of gophers today by calling the gopher mitigation experts at McGrath Pest Control Service. Taking action now will minimize the continued damage burrowing gophers can cause. Find out how easy, convenient and affordable it is to rely on the professionals at McGrath Pest Control Service for effective and humane gopher trapping, removing and relocation services. We are all the pest and wildlife control you’ll ever need! Call us now.