Skunk Removal & Control

Skunk Control Services in Houston

It’s easy to imagine the problems a skunk can cause one it invades your property. Avoid the terrible mess a skunk can make if it releases its defensive spray upon an unsuspecting family member or pet. If you have sighted a nuisance skunk, call the professional skunk control team at McGrath Pest Control Service to fix your skunk problem quickly, safely and effectively. Our wildlife control specialists know how to handle skunks, remove them safely and humanely from the premises and relocate them to an appropriate environment.

We Are the Pros at Effective Skunk Removal from Houston Properties

Skunks are black-and-white furred animals with a well-known ability to spray an extremely unpleasant scent from their glands as a defense mechanism against threats. Skunks have powerful front claws and use communal dens for protection from the elements. They can easily climb and get into the roofs, walls and cubby hole spaces of homes and businesses. Skunks are omnivorous, eating a wide variety of plants and animals, including insects, grubs, roots and leaves. They also commonly scavenge from garbage containers and pet food left outside or in garages and basements. Skunks have become increasingly sighted in urban and suburban areas and sometimes have unfriendly encounters with humans and pets. To avoid threats to the wellbeing of your family and pets, call the skunk-removal experts at McGrath Pest Control Service if you spot a skunk invading your property. 

Safe Removal of Skunks in Houston

Our experienced team of wildlife control specialists at McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston use humane live animal trapping methods to remove problem skunks, return them to a better place in the wild. We offer complete wildlife control services, including skunk removal in: 

Problem Skunk? No Time to Waste. Call Us for Expert Skunk Removal Services.

McGrath Pest Control Services specializes in removing problem wildlife, including skunks, from Houston-area properties. Plus, we repair damage skunks can cause to structures and place barriers to reentry so that the skunk problem doesn’t happen again. Our objective is to remove the problem skunk safely, effectively and humanely, releasing it away from the area into a better, more natural environment for the animal. Get rid of your skunk problem today by setting up a convenient skunk removal session with the wildlife control experts at McGrath Pest Control Services today!