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Fire Ant Control and Removal Services in Houston 

The terrifically painful sting of a fire ant is unmistakable. And, when you as a Houston home owner are unfortunate to be plagued by fire ants on your property, it is best to call in the professionals to get rid of the imported tropical fire ants. The biting ants build their nests in the ground especially along irrigated lawns and build underground tunnels. Even brief encounters with fire ants can produce extremely painful, burning stings that may erupt into itchy bumps on the sting site. Those with allergies may need emergency care to treat anaphylaxis from reactions to the strong venom. For effective fire ant removal, turn to the experts at McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston. 

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants on Your Metro Houston Property

Because of their large numbers once a colony is established and because tunnels can spread out 25 feet or more, do-it-yourself fire ant control is not advised. And, be especially careful with routine lawn care, because it is very easy to disturb a colony and trigger an excited barrage of the stinging ants to converge on its victims. Now you can count on the team at McGrath Pest Control Service to eliminate your fire ant problem, starting with an onsite inspection of your property to identify the problem areas and access the treatment program to permanently rid your property of problem fire ants. 

Five Most Interesting Facts about Fire Ants 

Fire ants, or stinging ants, are an invasive species brought to the southern United States in 1918, possibly first on a ship from South American to Mobile, Alabama, and spreading throughout the South and Southwest.

  1. Fire ants can attack and kill small animals, including lizards.
  2. Fire ants bite to secure a grip, sting from their abdomen and pump a toxic poison into its victims.
  3. A colony of fire ants can grow to 200,000 insects.
  4. Fire ants can actually float in water, grouping together to evacuate a flooded nest.  
  5. Fire ants are omnivores, feeding on other insects, plants, fruit, seeds and dead organisms. 

Preventing Fire Ant Infestations 

There are several effective measures you can take to deter and get rid of fire ants on your property in Houston. First, keep fire ants out of your home by patching cracks, holes and other openings and entry points in the walls and roof. Identify the nests of fire ants in your yard, rid your property of standing water and remove any food sources for the fire ants. Also, keep your gardens as clean and organized as possible, and make sure the lid to your compost container is sealed tightly. 

Fire Ant Control and Extermination Pros for Metro Houston

McGrath Pest Control Service provides complete fire ant extermination, control and elimination for Metro Houston residents and businesses, including the communities of:

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Avoid the extreme risk of taking on fire ant control yourself. Instead, call the fire ant exterminators at McGrath Pest Control Service. We know how to get rid of fire ants from your Metro Houston property fast, safely and affordably. Get the facts about fire ant removal services by calling the pros at McGrath Pest Control Services today.