Bird Deterrent

Bird Deterrent for Metro Houston

Birds are indeed beautiful and graceful creatures, essential to our ecosystem, but when they enter our living and working spaces, they can and will become a nuisance pest that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Both residential and commercial properties vulnerable to the problems associated with nuisance birds. Luckily bird time-proven bird deterrent methods used by McGrath Pest Control Service, Houston, will help effectively eliminate these issues.

Problems Associated with Pesky Birds

There are numerous issues associated with nuisance birds, including:

  • Excessive noise: Many species of birds produce a loud, distracting and irritating noise especially when they gather in sizable numbers. These noises can disrupt your way of life and cause havoc to businesses, deterring customers from returning to places of business with disruptive bird activity.
  • Messy nests: Birds can make large and numerous nests around the edges of buildings as well as inside attics. These nests can cause roof damage, block ventilation systems and even cause fires.
  • Bird mites: Bird mites can cause serious health hazards to homeowners. Bird mites live in bird nests, can inhabit the home and eventually attach themselves to a human host, causing extreme rashes and potential illnesses.
  • Droppings: Bird droppings account for some of the most visible and serious problems associated with nuisance birds. Droppings can transmit diseases, damage property, disrupt air conditioning equipment and industrial machinery, and ruin automobile finishes.

Effective Bird Deterrence Methods

McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston employs a number of effective bird deterrence methods, depending upon the situation and severity of the nuisance bird problem, including:

  • Bird spikes
  • Bird netting
  • Chemical repellents that are safe for birds, humans, pets and the environment
  • Repellent devices to scare away birds

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Birds can cause significant property damage and human health issues. Don’t let nuisance birds ruin your home or place of business. Turn to McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston, and take advantage of our many years of successful bird deterrent and bird control experience to rid you of a nuisance bird problem and keep your property safe. Call McGrath Pest Control Service, serving Metro Houston since 1974, today for a free pest inspection and no-obligation consultation.