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German Roach Control and Removal Services in Houston 

An infestation of German cockroaches in your home is an unsettling experience and serious hazard. Since German cockroaches multiply so rapidly and can carry diseases, including parasites, bacteria, pathogens and salmonella, getting control of the problem  with help from professional exterminators is critical. German cockroaches crawl through trash piles, sewer pipes and gutters. They are skilled at hiding, often seeking out areas of warm temperatures and moisture, and crawling behind walls, cabinets and appliances. 

How to Get Rid of German Roaches in your Metro Houston Home

Since roaches are voracious eaters, keeping your home tidy and eliminating food sources are critical to deterring and preventing German roach infestations. Regular cleaning, eliminating cluttered household items, avoiding exposed food scraps and pet food, and covering garbage containers are the first steps in controlling German Cockroaches from invading your home. Our team at McGrath Pest Control Service know how to eliminate German roach infestations. The first step in gaining control over a roach issue is to contact us to have one of our pest control technicians inspect your premises for problem areas and to initiate an effective German roach elimination plan. Turn to the experts in pest control in Houston—McGrath Wildlife Control Service.

Five Amazing Facts about German Roaches

German cockroaches are not particularly good personal groomers and carry droppings and disease. If you suspect your home has a German roach problem, call a professional pest control service right away.
  1. German cockroaches are the most-numerous kinds of cockroaches in the United States of the more than 4,000 roach species worldwide.
  2. German cockroaches are also the fastest-reproducing cockroach as one roach and its offspring are capable of hatching several hundreds of thousands of roaches in one year.
  3. German cockroaches eat just about anything, including food scraps, soap and hair.
  4. German cockroaches live in places where humans are, typically our homes and workplaces.
  5. The egg case of a German cockroach carries 35-50 eggs, which take about a month to hatch.

What It Takes to Eliminate German Roaches

German cockroaches are one of the most common pests to invade Metro Houston homes. Contact the friendly team at McGrath Pest Control Service for advice when you see a German Cockroach in your home, since one sighting typically means many more are hiding, living and crawling around areas of your home. McGrath Pest Control Service provides complete German Roach extermination services for the Metro Houston communities of:

Eradicate Your German Roach Infestation in Your Metro Houston Home

The best prevention of German roach infestations is a solid offense, making it difficult for the pests to enter and thrive in your home. But once German roaches get a foothold in your home, take action by calling the team at McGrath Pest Control Service. We understand how roaches, infest, breed and live in Metro Houston homes. We offer the most-effective German roach eradication methods, too. Find out why we are the best German roach  Metro Houston. Call us for help today.