Residential Wildlife Control Services

Residential Wildlife Control Services in Greater Houston

McGrath Pest Control Services is your single-source for wildlife control Services in Greater Houston. Do you have issues with rodents, birds, raccoons, squirrels, snakes or other wildlife on your home or property? Take control by calling McGrath Pest Control Services, experienced specialists in wildlife control services across the Houston Metro Area. From initial inspections to wildlife exclusion and wildlife removal, our wildlife control services team can handle the most invasive wildlife nuisance.

Professional Wildlife Control Company - Protect Your Property

The first step in providing professional wildlife mitigation and control services is to complete an onsite inspection of your property to identify the sources of your wildlife issues. We will diagnose and identify which animals are causing the problem and use considerate and respectful means to remove the animals from your property, including trapping and catch-and-release methods. Next, we pinpoint access areas to your property and block them from animals entering again.

The Houston environment hosts a wide variety of wildlife that can invade residential and commercial properties, animals such as common rodents like mice and roof rats, many species of birds, including pigeons, and larger mammals, including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, armadillos, groundhogs, and more. Other problem wildlife include bats and snakes and other reptiles. And while it can be beneficial to coexist with wildlife in Houston, if wild animals damage your property, cause unsanitary conditions or present a risk of rabies and other diseases, it becomes a safety issue for your family, pets and neighbors that needs to be addressed immediately. Safeguard your home by turning to the experts in wildlife control in Houston—McGrath Wildlife Control Service.

Don’t put up with the nuisance, health threat and property damage often caused by problem wildlife in Houston. When animals like rats, raccoons and squirrels become trapped and build nests in attics, crawl ways, walls and foundations of your home, McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston can use humane live animal trapping methods to remove problem animals and return them to the wild. Our animal trapping service specialists are experienced at blocking access and fixing damage caused by the wildlife to prevent nuisance wildlife from returning.
Older homes and newly constructed homes, too, can easily be invaded by mice, rats or other rodents entering the structure through common entry points, including small holes, cracks and vents. McGrath Pest Control Service provides comprehensive rodent control services in Houston to eliminate the nuisance, noise, mess and safety hazards caused by rodents entering and living in your home. McGrath Pest Control has been the leader in rodent control services in Houston since 1974, using modern technology, plus safe, tried-and-true rodent control measures.
Rodents can become one of the most intrusive and problematic wildlife control issues for Houston homeowners. Besides damaging the structure of a home, mouse and rat waste products cause odor problems, potential disease and health problems, in addition to annoying sounds. Pinpointing the places rodents enter, travel and live in your home is the first step to rodent exclusion services in your Houston home. If you have a rodent infestation problem in your Houston home, contact the experts in rodent exclusion services—McGrath Pest Control Service. We use effective rodent exclusion methods that combine a variety of mitigation and control measures, including trapping, baiting and sealing up the home to effectively eliminate rodent infestations.
Birds are important to our natural environment, but when they cause problems in the places you and your family live, they become nuisance wildlife that can cause property damage, health risks and other problems in your home and surrounding property. You don’t have to deal any longer with distracting noise, disruption, messy nests, health hazards from bird mites, and droppings damaging your property. Let the bird deterrent experts for Houston—McGrath Pest Control Service—provide control of problem birds safely, securely and humanely. Our team uses effective bird deterrent methods that will eliminate bird-related problems in your home and surrounding property.

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Let us help you with wildlife problems on your property the safe, secure and humane way with professional wildlife control services by McGrath Pest Control the leader in pest and animal control services in Greater Houston since 1974. Just give us a call to get the easy process rolling. We will take care of your nuisance animal issues the fast, complete and affordable way with the wildlife control experts at McGrath Pest Control. We are all the pest and wildlife control you’ll ever need!