Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services for Metro Houston

From day one, pest control services have been the heart and soul of McGrath Pest Control Services of Houston, Texas. Over the years, we have expanded our pest control service offerings, updated our methods, fine tuned our procedures, and enhanced our technologies. What really matters to our customers, however, is keeping their homes and families safe from insects, rodents and diseases. 

For two generations since 1974, McGrath Pest Control has carved out a solid reputation in the industry for providing old-fashioned customer service with updated technology and safe and modern methods for superior pest control. We take pride in our mantra: “We’re all the pest control you’ll ever need!” And, we remind you that we never require our customers to get locked into a contract. We have to earn your business.

Total Residential Pest Control Services

Our general residential pest control services consist of treating the interior and exterior perimeter of your home, with an always-free termite check, plus offering tips and ideas on preventing further insect and rodent infestations. We understand that everyone has different needs and requirements regarding their home, so McGrath Pest Control Service will structure your pest control service plan to satisfy your exact needs. Contact us today for further details and to get started today.

Our General Pest Control Service

  • Our general pest control service covers American roaches, oriental roaches, ants (excluding Pharaoh ), spiders, silver fish, and earwigs.
  • Treat the inside along baseboard areas, under sinks, inside attics, inside closet, if possible, and inside garages.
  • Power spray  around the outside of the home including perimeter flowerbeds and under eaves if possible.
  • Quarterly service has a 90-day spot warranty for any live general insects in and around the perimeter of the home.
  • Our quarterly services can be altered or changed to any frequency to fit any of our customers needs.

Our Basic Pest Control Service

  • Treat the main hotspots where insects enter the home, such as under sinks, attics and door entry points.
  • Power spray  around the outside of the home, including the perimeter, flowerbeds and under eaves, if possible.


Ask About Our General Pest Control & Insect Yard Treatment Bundled Packages
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The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage

Ask about the exclusive McGrath Pest Control Service advantage for total pest control. Our pest control technicians have extensive knowledge of insect and pest behavior and years of expertise in the development of products and technology to control pests. Let us show you why we are all the pest control you’ll ever need. 

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage:

    • No signed contracts required.
    • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
    • Two generations of pest control excellence since 1974.
    • State-certified pest control technicians.
    • Old-fashioned customer service.
    • Updated technology and modern methods for pest control.
    • Custom pest control treatment plans.

FAQ: Are the Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

Everything we use is safe, according to EPA standards. Most of the chemicals have no odor and are area perfectly safe for children and domesticated animals. The chemicals we use will not stain or damage any surfaces that small amounts of liquid will not harm.

FAQ: What If I Do Not Want Any Chemicals Sprayed in My Home?

That is perfectly fine. We can modify any of our routine pest control services to meet the needs of any homeowner, including those who do not want any chemical applications on their property. We understand that each of our clients have different viewpoints about pest control and chemicals, and we will work to make each customer experience the best possible while eliminating all their pest issues.

Houston's Leader for Total Pest Control Services

McGrath Pest Control Service offer total pest control services in the Metro Houston Area, including: