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Carpet Ant Control and Removal Services in Houston 

Have you noticed the tell-tale signs of a carpenter ant problem in your home? Have you discovered sawdust from the carpenter ants gnawing through wood in your house? Perhaps you have seen individual carpenter ants, indicating a full-fledged infestation in your home. The safest measure to take is to call the professionals who know how to deal with carpenter ant invasions. Contact the team at McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston for advice on effectively eliminating carpenter ants from damaging your home. 

Getting Rid of Carpet Ants

The most important thing is to act fast to get rid of an existing carpet ant problem. The quickly tunneling carpet ants will not only create aesthetic damage, but structural damage to wood components in a home. Call our team at McGrath Pest Control Service right away to take action against a carpet ant infestation that can seriously damage your home. Carpet ant control and removal begins with an onsite inspection of your property to identify the problem areas and to create a carpet ant extermination plan to get rid of the carpet ants permanently.

Five Interesting Facts about Carpet Ants

Carpet ants cause the greatest damage to the wood in your home, and since they may build additional nests, it is critical to take action immediately.
  1. Carpenter ants don’t actually consume wood, even though they chew it with powerful jaws to make tunnels and nests.
  2. While carpenter ants can chew through dry and treated wood, they seem to prefer damp wood, which is easier for tunneling.
  3. Carpenter ants can carry as much as 50 times their weight.
  4. Colonies can exceed 50,000.
  5. Queen carpet ants can live up to 25 years.

Preventing Carpet Ants from Invading Your Property

Get expert advice to get rid of carpenter ant infestation from your Metro Houston home from McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston. One of our carpenter ant removal technicians will examine your home, pinpoint the nests and colonies and fix any issues with moisture that can attract hordes of carpenter ants. A complete carpenter ant eradication plan will be implemented to permanently remove carpenter ants from your home.

Effect Carpet Ant Control Measures for Metro Houston

Take action to deter and get rid of your carpet ant problem today with help from McGrath Pest Control Service, servicing in Metro Houston, including the communities of:

Action You Can Take to Get Rid of Carpet Ants in Metro Houston

To prevent carpenter ants from taking over your property, professional pest control methods are necessary. Contact the expert team at McGrath Pest Control Service to get rid of carpenter ants on your property fast, safely and affordably. For carpenter ant infestations of any size, call us for more information on the course of action you should take to protect your property.