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Live Animal Trapping for Metro Houston

Raccoons, opossums and other wildlife can be a huge nuisance and health threat to any Houston homeowner if they get trapped inside an attic or other part of a home. Wild animals can cause thousands of dollars in damage if their removal is delayed or neglected. Animals such as raccoons, opossums and rodents can carry numerous diseases that can harm you as well as your family. Baiting these creatures is not a viable option. McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston uses humane live animal trapping procedures as a way to rid these animals from your home and return the animals to the wild. Plus, we will then identify and repair any openings or holes that need to be sealed up to prevent wildlife from entering your home again. 

What to Expect with Live Animal Trapping Service

Find out more about the live animal trapping service that McGrath Pest Control Service offers for homeowners in Metro Houston. For two generations since 1974, McGrath Pest Control has carved out a solid reputation for providing old-fashioned customer service with updated technology and safe and modern methods for superior pest control, including live animal trapping.

Our knowledgeable and skilled live animal trapping technicians will evaluate where a wild animal such as a raccoon, opossum or squirrel lives and nests in your home. We will identify entry points and traffic areas where the animals enter the home and move to locate the most effective placement of traps to capture the animal live. The traps we use cause no harm to the animals, and allow us to properly release the animals away from the area in natural surroundings conducive to their health and well-being. News, our team will repair any openings or holes that need to be sealed up to prevent re-entry of wild animals into your home. 

Discover the McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage

Are you interested in learning more about McGrath Pest Control Service and our industry-leading live animal trapping service? Call us today to find out more about how we may help you rid your home of animals like raccoons, opossums, squirrels and rodents living in and damaging the structural integrity of your home. Turn to e McGrath Pest Control Service for total pest control and discover the advantage we have over other pest control services. 

The McGrath Pest Control Service Advantage:

  • No signed contracts required.
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Two generations of pest control excellence since 1974.
  • State-certified pest control technicians.
  • Old-fashioned customer service.
  • Updated technology and modern methods for pest control.
  • Custom pest control treatment plans.

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Take action today to rid your home of wildlife invading your home. McGrath Pest Control Service offer complete live animal trapping services the Metro Houston Area, including:

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Call McGrath Pest Control Service, your source for live animal trapping and total pest control services in Metro Houston since 1974. Get your pest problems under control fast, completely and affordably with help from our specialized live animal trapping service today. You’ll see why we are all the pest control you’ll ever need!