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Bed Bug Control and Removal Services in Houston 

Bed bugs are a particularly tricky pest to control because of their ability to feed undetected, hide throughout our homes and evade capture. If you and your family are experiencing tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation, call the bed bug control professional at McGrath Pest Control Service of Houston.

Five Fascinating Facts about Bed Bugs

With all of the attention to the notorious insect which invades our mattresses, you may think there is little we don’t know about this common bedroom pest. There are strange, but fascinating aspects, however, to this creature. 

  1. Bed bugs’ go-to food source is human blood, but are known to feed on mice and bats.
  2. Bed bugs can survive several months to a year at a time between feedings, loitering in bedding, furniture and suitcases until they strike again. 
  3. The carbon dioxide we exhale at night tempts bedbugs out of their nighttime hiding locations. 
  4. Bed bugs typically leave bite patterns in a group or row on a person’s arms, legs, chest or abdomen.
  5. The anesthetic in the saliva of the bed bug allows it to feed painlessly on a human without waking up the host.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Problems in Your Houston Home

How do you get rid of pesky bed bugs? Protect your home and family by taking precautions against harmful bed bugs. Be vigilant in preventing and deterring the common pests. Inspect used furniture and bags after traveling for bed bug infestations. Use a light colored cover on mattresses and box springs to protect and more easily see bed bugs. Clean your home and vacuum regularly. Use a dryer on high heat to kill bed bugs. Prevent the life cycle of bed bugs from eggs to nymphs to adults in your Metro Houston home with professional bed bug control methods from McGrath Pest Control Service. 

Bed Bug Control and Extermination Experts for Metro Houston

McGrath Pest Control Service offers the most-effective bed bug infestation treatment service to eliminate bed bugs from your home. We serve Metro Houston, including the communities of:

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Are you afraid your home may be infested with bed bugs? Don’t worry. Call the bed bug extermination professionals as McGrath Pest Control Service. We can complete our bed bug control service to prevent bed bugs from returning, and you do not need to dispose of your existing furniture. Don’t try to remove bed bugs yourself, as this may move bed bugs into other areas of your home. Instead, call the bed bug control experts at McGrath Pest Control Service to remove bed bugs permanently from your property fast, safely and affordably. Find out why we are the most-effective bed bug control specialists for Metro Houston. Call us today