Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrel Control Services in Houston

While common and harmless, squirrels can present a problem if they find a way into your property. Expert climbers, squirrels can easily find their way onto the roof of your home, accumulate debris, build nests and raise families of more squirrels on your home. Rather than trying to mitigate a nuisance squirrel problem yourself, it makes good sense to team up with the wildlife control experts at McGrath Pest Control Service. Our team has extensive experience in inspecting, live trapping, removal and relocation problem squirrels the safe and humane way. We are skilled at restoring your home, making  repairs and squirrel proofing the structure to prevent future squirrel invasions.  

Effective and Humane Squirrel Removal Specialists for Houston Residents

Do you hear squirrels scratching and moving around in walls or on the roof of your home? Have squirrels crawled into your attic or chewed up outdoor furniture? If you have discovered nuisance squirrels jeopardizing the safety and condition of your home, it is important to remedy the situation right away to mitigate further damage to your property. Call the team at McGrath Pest Control Service to fix your squirrel problem for good. We use efficient, safe and humane ways to trap, remove and relocate problem squirrels so they do not return to your property. Plus, we are experienced and skilled at repairing damage done by wildlife, including squirrels, and making your home squirrel proof. 

Live Squirrel Trapping Services in Metro Houston

Safeguard your home from invading squirrels by teaming up with the experts in wildlife control in Houston—McGrath Wildlife Control Service. We offer safe, effective and humane squirrel trapping, removal and relocation services in Metro Houston, including the communities of:

Nuisance Squirrel Problem? Call the Houston Wildlife Control Services Experts.

Call the professional wildlife control services team at McGrath Pest Control for solutions to a nuisance squirrel infestation in your home or business. Take advantage of our free on-site inspection and quote to take care of your squirrel problem safely and humanely. We are all the pest and wildlife control you’ll ever need!