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Real Estate Termite Inspection (WDI)

Real Estate Termite Inspection Reports (WDI)



People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in real estate purchases.  It is by far the biggest and most important investment you may ever make.  Make sure your investment is sound and the home you decide to purchase is a good one.  One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have all your inspections in order.  Along with a home inspection the real estate termite inspection (WDI) can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  McGrath Pest Control performs hundreds of inspections yearly for both the buyer as well as the seller.


McGrath Pest Control’s trained professionals will walk around be able to point out any wood destroying conducive conditions, anything obstructing their view, and of course any active wood destroying insect activity.  They will then go over the report with the buyer and suggest any and all options going further.


 Jones Team Realty “I would not let any of my clients buy a house without having McGrath perform a termite inspection.”

Before You Buy Inspection Services“Scott and his crew are the only ones I trust with my customers.  They are the best.”



If you are selling your house, don’t be caught off guard by your buyers inspector.  Hire McGrath Pest Control to perform a pre termite inspection for you.  This pre termite inspection will point out any issues or problems that may arise during the actual inspection.  In the past we have saved our customers $1,000’s of dollars by either finding a termite issue or suggesting different methods to make the closing date as smooth and as quick as possible.  Click here to learn more about termites from our termite page.

Contact your Realtor or home inspector and ask that McGrath Pest Control is hired to protect your future home.

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