Bird Spikes

At McGrath Pest Control we have seen and done a lot of different types of jobs.  Of course things like alligator trapping and coyote trapping are a few things I’ll let Billy the Exterminator deal with.  Not me.  Just recently, though, we have had a few pigeon calls to our office.  A new customer called and said they live in a three story town home and pigeons were nesting on the roof and this ledge above their bedroom.  It’s driving them crazy cause they can’t sleep because of all the noise these creatures are making.   So we said we could help.

After George inspected the situation, we realized any of our ladders wouldn’t work for this job.  We would have to rent a boom lift to complete this job.  We’ve used a boom lift before for other bird jobs, but this one would be different cause we would actually have to drive it there ourselves and figure out how to place it in between the different town homes.

That was probably the hardest part cause we kept having to raise it, lower it, move it.  Nope that’s not the right spot.  Raise it again.  Nope that won’t work either.  Lower it, move it.  Raise it.  Watch out!!  Don’t hit the ledge of the other home.  Lower it, move it.  O.k. that will finally work.

It took for ever just to set it up.  I blame that on us a little cause we don’t use one of these very often.  Bring on the next job though,  we are pros at this whole boom lift thing now.

George then proceeded to install plastic bird spikes along the edge of the house.

It looks like he is doing a good job installing these spikes.  A few times pigeons tried landing on the edge in front of George but were quickly deterred because of the spikes.  I’m glad they didn’t get mad at George and leave a deposit on his head. HaHa

I’m very proud of the job we did that day.  O.k. I take that back.  I’m very proud of the job George did that day.  There is no way the pigeons will be landing on this ledge, I hope the customers will be able to sleep more comfortably.  I also hope we have more jobs like this.  I really enjoyed watching George do the install.  You noticed I said watching George.  We all must have a George working for us.  He is the best!!

Hope this helps!

Scott McGrath