Rodent Control


Wow this has been a crazy cold winter for us Houston folk.  Me for one can’t wait for some warmer weather to appear.  I wanted to write a quick reminder to everyone that along with dry skin this cold weather will also stir up the rodent activity in and around someones home.  Rats are everywhere. …

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Rodent Exclusion Work

I wanted to post some more pictures of some of the work that we do during the winter times.  As the temps get cooler, the varmints like to come inside.  It is our job find any entry points and seal them up.  This will insure no more pitter padder in the upstairs attic area. Here …

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Not What I Had Expected

A few weeks ago we noticed a customer had a lot of rodent droppings in her attic.  We suggested we put out some rat snap traps hoping to snag a few rats.  When we went back up in the attic, this is what we saw. I’m assuming this rat snake followed some rats in this …

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Bird Spikes

At McGrath Pest Control we have seen and done a lot of different types of jobs.  Of course things like alligator trapping and coyote trapping are a few things I’ll let Billy the Exterminator deal with.  Not me.  Just recently, though, we have had a few pigeon calls to our office.  A new customer called …

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Should I or not?

I was at a customers house the other day and ran across this. Pretty cool, but not sure if I should exterminate it or not.

Rodent Exclusions

As we are getting closer to Christmas, I’m convinced the weather start to stay cold.  You would think after spending most of my life in Houston I would start to understand that if your not happy with the weather just wait till tomorrow and it will change.  In the pest control business warmer months are …

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