Kiss Cam Fails

Today was a crazy busy day for me here at McGrath Pest Control.  I needed some laughs so YouTube don’t fail me now.   This is kind of an old video but it always cracks me up.  Now I do believe some of them are staged but it still made me giggle a little.  Im …

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Funny Easter Bunny Video

Here is a funny easter bunny video I found on youtube this morning. McGrath Pest Control hopes everyone has a great and safe easter holiday. I hope this put a smile on your face just like it did mine.

Jeep Moves Double Parked Car

I saw this video on Matt Patrick’s blog page and thought it was extremely funny since my guys drive around town all day long. I hope this never happens to one of my trucks.  Also my son trent and I saw a car the other day at his gymnastic gym that had the same kind of dent. …

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The other day I received a link to this article.  It’s about a man who dies after eating dozens of roaches and worms in a eating contest.  It’s kinda weird watching the video knowing that the guy everyone is cheering for dies shortly after the video that is on the link.  I’m not sure if …

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