Termite Inspector

It has been said that the Houston real estate market is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States.  People are moving here and have been moving here in droves for the last number of years.  They are either moving here to get away from the harsh weather that can happen in the

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Termite Swarmers

I went to a new customers house the other day because she thought she had termites.  She said the other day she saw hundreds of termite swarmers in her guest bath tub and in the adjoining bedroom.  When I got there this is what I saw in the bedroom. t’s a little late in the

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New Termite Swarmers Videos

Well it’s March 21, 2014.  Happy birthday Deven!!! and it’s officially termite swarming season.   I went to a business today and actually saw the swarmers starting to emerge and fly out.  To us pest control people it’s pretty cool.  To everyone else it’s probably kinda gross. Here are a few termite swarmers videos that I

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Termite Pretreat

I’m starting a new termite pretreat project this week.  There is an apartment complex being built in Houston.  I was awarded the opportunity to do the pretreat on it.  It’s a process but here are the beginning pictures. I’ll keep every one posted on the progress

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Drywood Termites

Probably about 20 years ago a swarm of drywood termites made their way into the Heights part of town.  Since then almost every time we get a termite call from someone living in that part of town, I’m almost assured that it’s going to be drywood termites.  Well now, I’m seeing them spread west into

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Termite Inspections

Are you thinking on buying a house?  If you are then more than likely you will need termite inspections or WDI report.  WDI stands for wood destroying insect report.  Even if your mortgage company doesn’t require you to get one, I believe it is very important to invest the money to protect both you and

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