Fire Ant Video

I wanted to make a quick fire ant video this morning since we have been having tons of rain this past two weeks.  Every time it rains a lot and if the weather is warm you can expect fire ants to pop up everywhere.  Treating your yard quickly will eliminate the chances of anyone getting …

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Ants v. Swarmers

I was at a new customers building the other day and noticed something interesting.  The following video which I labeled Ants v. Termites is short, but it shows where termite swarmers emerged from an expansion joint in the same place some ants were hanging out.  The ant is a natural enemy of the termite.  Not …

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Some New Ant Videos

This new customer had us out cause they thought they had a small little ant problem around a window.  When I started dusting I found this:carpenter ant video part 1 The next video is inside the very same house.  I wish I would have had someone else to video the entire scene.  It was actually …

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Crazy Ant Video

A short video I took at a gas station the other day.  I decided to see if they would be attracted to this bait I put out.  What do you think? Crazy Ants