Raccoon on The Loose: McGrath Pest Control to the Rescue on FOX 26 Houston

We often find ourselves enchanted by the wilderness, but what happens when the wild decides to pay a visit unannounced? FOX 26 Houston had a firsthand experience when a curious raccoon made its way into their studios, leading to a light-hearted yet educational segment featuring Scott McGrath of McGrath Pest Control. Despite the playful attempts by the newsroom staff to lure the raccoon with various treats, it was the expertise of McGrath Pest Control that finally resolved the unanticipated wildlife intrusion. Scott shared valuable insights on why such wildlife intrusions happen, especially as the seasons change, and offered practical advice on how individuals can safeguard their homes and businesses against these natural explorers. From understanding the behavior of wildlife, identifying potential entry points in buildings, to managing food sources that might attract them, this segment sheds light on the essential steps one can take to ensure a harmonious existence with our wild neighbors.

Dive into the full story and glean expert advice by watching the video HERE.

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