Get Ready Houston…….Termite Season

Get ready Houston……………it’s that time a year once again.    Subterranean termite season.   As the temperatures get warmer and the stray afternoon showers start popping up so do the termite swarmers.  One day you will wake up, walk into your living room and see 200 dead termite swarmers on your floor.     Ok first of all you will be fine.  Second of all that means is that  you have termites in your walls somewhere.  The swarmers you see will not bite you, attack you or your kids.  Nor will they eat any of your house hold items.  They are harmless and infect if you did nothing they will drop their wings and die on their own.

f you happen to see 1 or 100 of these winged insects call McGrath Pest Control and we can get out there and first properly identify them then we can locate the termite tunnel for you.  It typically takes between 2-4 years for termites to molt into swarmers which means if you see them it means you have had termites against your house for about that amount of time.  That’s why it is very important that you get us or (I guess) any pest control company to come out at least once a year for a free termite check.

If found quickly, the tunnel will only look like the one in the picture at the top of this page.  That size tunnel can be treated quickly and easily with more than likely zero to very little inside damage.  But………………if left uncheck and or ignored you may find something like this….

This is a tunnel that was ignored for a number of years thus creating issues all the way up on the third floor of their home.  It ended up costing the home owner tons of money fixing the damage inside the home.  Don’t let this happen to you and call someone to come check your home.  You can also get a preventative termite treatment done on your home. This will prevent any further infestation.  Termites need only about 1/64th of an inch to enter your home, its easy for termites to be missed or over looked.

Don’t delay………call today….