Lets Play Ball

Well as it gets warmer and the insects start swarming out everywhere, I can’t help but think about all the new business we at McGrath Pest Control are about to get. I also can’t wait for spring baseball. This year marks the 2nd year my 10 yr old, Deven, will be on his select baseball team – Katy Bombers Red.

Last year was the first year this team was assembled with only a few past select players. Most of the players were first time select players. It was such a fun time for both the kids and the parents. From day one all the kids bonded and acted like they had known each other for years. Of course someone of them had. One even went to daycare with Deven when they were 4 and 5. We started the season off with a bang, but quickly came back to the pack towards the end of the season. It was definitly an expansion time for the Bombers Red. We took our lumps toward the end but gained valuable knowledge on how and what it means to be a select baseball team.

Saturday afternoon will mark the beginning of year 2 of the Bombers Red and I couldn’t be more excited. We lost a few of our good players, but kept our core kids together while adding 3 or 4 more exceptional looking kids. The kids look more experienced and have a greater knowledge of the game this year. I’m expecting us to be more poised and be very competitive with some of the more experienced teams this year. With the help of the coached and the support of the parents, this should be a very fun year for the Bombers Red select baseball team. I encourage anyone who reads this to contact me and come out and see these boys compete. It’s very exciting.

Go Bombers Red!!!!!!……………Now Play Ball!!!!!!