More Termite Lessons

Through the years of me doing this business, I’ve learned and seen a lot in the termite field.  Almost everyday I run into a situation that reminds me that part of my is not only to solve customers pest/termite issues, but to also educate them on how to keep some of these past issues from happening to them in the future.  I guess that is why social media and blogs were invented.  Part of me wants to hold a city wide course on termite prevention on what to look for and how to prepare your home from these little destroyers.  Course if I did then perhaps some of my business would go away.  So I’ll just continue educating little by little.

I have always said the key to termite detection is?  Class??  Visualization.  You have to be able to see a termite tunnel to know you have termites.  Termites need around 1/64th of an inch to enter your home and if you have anything covering up your foundation the chances of you missing a tunnel is elevated.  Things like soil grade too high, siding too low, vines against the house, or a wooden deck are examples of the things I see everyday that makes my job that much harder.

Below is a picture I took in a house the other day.  The customer thought the dark spots were dirt daubers, thus not much was done about it.

As you can see its definitely termite dirt.  I explained to her that once I knocked down the clumps of dirt then the milky white termites will come scurrying out. I quickly walked outside to locate the tunnels. I wondered how long they had been there and why they were not detected before.  Ohhhhh this is the reason:

So who can tell me where the tunnel is?  That’s right you can’t because you can’t see the foundation.  Behind the siding and dirt is a dark and damp and humid place.  A heaven for termites.  In addition we have no idea how long they have been down there or exactly where they are located.  Why is that?  That’s right, cause we can’t see the foundation on this house.

We can and will treat treat this house thus eliminating their termite issue.  I only wish we could have detected the problem earlier.  Once they start showing in your house, then you have a larger issue.  Cut it off at the pass and detect these little wood destroying  creatures early.  It may save you a lot of sleepless night and keep your wallet heaver in the future.

Hope this helps!!

Scott McGrath