Not What I Had Expected

A few weeks ago we noticed a customer had a lot of rodent droppings in her attic.  We suggested we put out some rat snap traps hoping to snag a few rats.  When we went back up in the attic, this is what we saw. I’m assuming this rat snake followed some rats in this attic, slithered over the trap and SNAP!  We got us a rat snake.  A snake caught in a snap trap is definitely not what I had expected. This is the first time I’ve seen this and to make it a little more interesting as I picked it up it was still alive.  I was trying to put this dead snake in a trash bag when it lifted its head as to say, “Uh….hello…….a little help here?”  I was taken back just a little.   Don’t worry folks I was able to put it in the bag, throw it in the back of my truck, and by the time I finished my day it was not living any more.  Now I’m thinking we need to figure out where the rats are getting in and seal this area up before this happens again.  If you think you may have a rodent problem please call us so this can’t happen to you.
Scott McGrath