Wow this has been a crazy cold winter for us Houston folk.  Me for one can’t wait for some warmer weather to appear.  I wanted to write a quick reminder to everyone that along with dry skin this cold weather will also stir up the rodent activity in and around someones home.  Rats are everywhere.  We won’t be able to completely rid the city of rodents, but we can make sure they can’t get in your home and we can control them around your property.

If you hear running around in your attic and its at night time it’s typically going to be rodents.   We can set snap trap in the attic to kill them and then we can find all their entry points and any potential entry points.  These entry points need to be sealed up immediately.  If the rodents still have entry into your home then trapping is useless.  My techs are very educated in rodent exclusion and can devise an individual exclusion plan to permanently remove and eliminate any future rodent activity.

Even if you don’t have any issues currently there is always than possibility.   Call and have us come out and perform a rodent exclusion analysis on your home so we can prevent an infestation before it happens.  For further information or if you are not clear on anything please contact me or my office.  We love to inform and help out all our customers.

Hope this helps

Scott McGrath