Termite Preconstruction Treatments

The old saying here in Houston is not if you get termites, but when you get termites.  For the most part that is true.  We treat houses all year long for subterranean termites.  For this I’m grateful, but one service that sometimes gets over looked that may decrease the chances of houses getting termites later on are preconstruction termite treatments.

The state is very clear on what chemical we can use, how much we use, and how to apply the chemical.  One of the main benefits for doing a preslab treatment is the ability to treat all plumbing areas before the slab is poured.  It doesn’t happen often, but it is possible termites can enter your home via one of these areas.

Termites need around 1/64th” to enter you home.  That’s pretty small and once your house is built the internal plumbing areas are almost impossible to treat unless we drill holes throughout your house.  Most people frown on that idea.  So when the time is right to build your new dream house contact your builder or local exterminator and inquire about a termite preconstruction treatment.  It’s a little more expensive initially, but may save you tons in the future.

Hope this helps
Scott McGrath