A New Adventure

As most of everyone knows I started a new adventure in my business.  I started advertising on a few sports talk radio stations here in Houston.  For the most part they have worked out great and have gotten my business name in front of a lot of new customers.  Well now I figured I would go one step further in this radio business.  I have been asked to co host a local show on KSEV700.  It’s called the HomePro Mortgage Real Estate Show.  It airs every Friday from 1-2 pm.

This is something that I’ve thought about for a very long time, but never knew how to start it or if I would ever be able to pull it off.  Out of the blue a few weeks ago I received a text from a gentleman that new me from my radio commercials.  He simply stated he needed a third host for his show and asked if I would be interested.  I’ve done only two shows so far, but so far it’s been fun.  It’s only an hour, but in that time frame I’m able to give my 2 cents in different topics as well as give advice on different pest control issues.

First and foremost I really hope this reaches a more broad audience thus allowing me to receive more business, but also I hoping I can use this medium to educate my customers on pest control.   I’ve always said there are so many things that the homeowner needs to know or be aware of and most of the time it’s after the fact that they find out.  I really do not want to make my part of the show strictly a “look how great McGrath Pest Control is” segment, but instead be a person that is able to inform, educate, and warn homeowners of all pest issues.  If the listener is comfortable in my advice and trust what I will say, then the business will come.

So tune in every Friday from 1-2 on KSEV700 either on your radio or online and then let me know what you think.  Don’t tell anyone but for a while I will have now idea what I’m doing and just winging it………so please give me your feed back.

Hope this helps,

Scott McGrath