Termite Season Is Here Again

The one thing I really like about Houston is the traffic.  Ok I was just kidding about the traffic.  It’s actually the climate.  Yes I know it get to like 156 degrees in the summers, but look at it this way.  Not once have I ever had to shovel snow off of my driveway.  Yes we have hot summers, but we also have mild winters.  And why is that good?  It keeps the bugs thriving for the next year and especially the termites.  Of course I’m looking at it through the eyes of a bug guy.  The early spring is like Christmas for the pest control industry. End of February/ beginning of March is usually indicates the start of Subterranean termite swarming season.

Above is a picture of a termite swarmer mixed in with termite workers.  It usually takes about 2 years for swarmers to form in a typically colony.   So it is possible if you have termites in your walls to wake up one morning and see about 200 of these black winged insects.  If you do don’t worry too much.  Help is on it’s way.  The good news is that the swarmers do not do any damage.  Their main job is strictly to reproduce the colony.  Also if you see them they will land, drop their wings, and eventually die on their own.  The bad news is that this tells me yes you do have termites somewhere in your walls and now we need to locate the tunnels and have a treatment performed.

Why am I telling you this now?  Now is termite swarming season.   Be on the look out for them and if your not sure what you are looking for please call McGrath Pest Control or at least someone to come out and inspect your home.  Typically these inspections are free and you should get some helpful advice on what to look for in the future and somethings that you can do to help deter the chances of a termite infestation in the future.

I hope this helps

Scott McGrath