Bug Proof Your Home

Being in this business for over 36 yrs. we, as a business, have seen numerous houses and even more problems.  Every house has a different issue and a different reason why they have those issues.  Along with getting your house serviced on a regular basis for rodents, insects, etc. , the most important aspect in keeping your house bug free is to eliminate the entry points for the insects.

Make sure all holes and cracks and gaps are filled in around your house.  First I would start with under the sinks.  Make sure you don’t have any holes like this under there:

Now this was kind of extreme, but you get my point.  Also check around doors and windows to make sure there are no obvious entry points that need to be sealed up.

Outside your home you will find numerous holes and gaps and rotten wooden areas that little critters may be able to enter.  Be sure all those areas are fixed or repaired.  Here is a picture of someone trying to fix a gap with just spray foam:

Not pretty.  Now here is a picture, after a certain pest control company was called, of the same roof the way it should be done.

Now that looks much better and last much longer.  I also see many houses that have water rot that, if left unattended, may be a walk way straight into your house.  If possible these rotten areas need to be fixed.  The following two pictures are before and after pictures from above said pest control company.



Looks pretty good and no more ants or roaches or even termites will be getting in here.

I’ve learned over the years that we can spray and trap to our hearts content, but If we don’t keep the critters out then the customers issues won’t be completely solved and they won’t be completely happy.  As always if you’re not sure what to look for please call a professional to come out and inspect your home.

Hope this helps!!
Scott McGrath