Some New Ant Videos

This new customer had us out cause they thought they had a small little ant problem around a window.  When I started dusting I found this:carpenter ant video part 1

The next video is inside the very same house.  I wish I would have had someone else to video the entire scene.  It was actually worse than it appears.carpenter ant video part 2

This was a crazy call.  The good thing is the customer contacted me a few days later and informed me all the ants were gone and there were no more issues around the window.  I’m glad to see some of the chemicals work.

Now this was not a normal carpenter ant situation.  I believe they have had this issue for a very long time and just either didn’t realize it or ignored it.

So what have we learned today kids?  If you see something that doesn’t look just right, do not let it go.  Call a professional to inspect and to take care of it before it get out of control.

Hope this helps!!
Scott McGrath