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More Termite Lessons

Through the years of me doing this business, I’ve learned and seen a lot in the termite field.  Almost everyday I run into a situation that reminds me that part of my is not only to solve customers pest/termite issues, but to also educate them on how to keep some of these past issues from

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Baiting vs. Spraying

As the summer begins here in Houston, one of the insects that will be “bugging” many homeowners will be the little nuisance ants.  There are many different types of nuisance ants out there.  The more popular ones are either the crazy ants, rover ants, or ghost ants.  These ants do not bite, but they will

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Spring Update

Well spring has definitely sprung and we are booming with business. I love this time of the year. As a result of the mild winter we had in Houston, the termite swarmers are exploding everywhere. We are getting reports that people are seeing swarmers flying everywhere. If you haven’t had your house checked yet this

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Termite Season

Well it’s February 15 and I found my first case of termite swarmers this year. It’s a little early but with the wet and warm weather we have been having, I’m not too surprised. For me and my company this is a good thing, but for the consumer it may not be. An early warm

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Jumping Roaches

The other day someone on twitter sent me this link about a new breed of   new jumping roaches.  It’s a South American roach that is able to jump much like a grasshopper.  It’s pretty cool, check it out.  I hope none of my customers ever get this.  They will totally freak out.

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A New Start

Here is my new blog I’m going to start writing. It’s a new start for me.  For some reason I can’t find any of my old blogs so I guess I’ll start a new one.  There are a lot of new things happening in 2012 at McGrath Pest Control.  Stay tuned and see what

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