Getting Rid of Flying Wasps in Your Home

We have been getting lots of wasp calls lately.  People are saying they are seeing wasp flying around in side their home and are having a hard getting rid of the wasp. Because of the warm weather we are still having in Houston, insects are still swarming out everywhere.  This includes the red wasp that everyone is so afraid of.  If you have every gotten stung by one you know why people are overly cautious when it come to these flying pest.  I’ve gotten stung above my eye before and man it doesn’t feel good.  I looked like I got into a fight with Rocky and lost big time.

Lot of times these wasp will just be flying around bushes and trees looking for a place to nest or they will make their paper nest in a corner of a fence or corner of house.  If this is the case then its very easy to locate them and treat them.  It’s when they are hiding that makes my job that much harder.  If a customer says they see wasp in their home its more than likely a couple of things.  A. there is a nest around a porch area or door area and they are flying in when doors are being opened and shut.  B. they have made their nest in between a piece of siding and working their way inside through a crack inside the house, or C. nesting in the fireplace chimney.  Over the years I have found nesting in the fireplace chimney the most popular place around a house.

When wasp are in mating season they try and find the tallest place they can to fly around.  They do this hoping to impress and attract any female wasp.   One of the places they fly around is the fireplace chimney.  Once they have built their nest in the chimney, they will fly down and exit through the flew or any other opening in or around the chimney.  They then fly towards the light which will usually be a window or door.  This is when they are first noticed by the home owner.

So now we have established that there are flying wasp, next we need to figure out we are going to get rid of the wasp in your home.  I usually suggest a couple of methods.  One we can light a fire and try and smoke them out or we can try and set off a bug bomb in the firplace hoping to kill them that way.  The bug bomb seems to work the best.  Once they have all been killed we need to install some very fine mesh around the top of the chimney to keep them from coming back.

If you think you may have a issue with wasp in or around your house call us and we will send our trained technicians to assess the situation and see what we can do to eliminate this situation once and for all.

Hope this helps

Scott McGrath