Termite Swarmers

I went to a new customers house the other day because she thought she had termites.  She said the other day she saw hundreds of termite swarmers in her guest bath tub and in the adjoining bedroom.  When I got there this is what I saw in the bedroom.

t’s a little late in the season to have termite swarmers, not in this house I guess.  I thought this was a pretty cool video.  I don’t think the customer thought it was though.  Come to find out the termites were coming in from the bath trap area underneith the tub.  The next picture shows how the termites were making their way through the trim inside the closet.

These pictures explain why it’s very important to not only check the outside of your home for termites, but also underneath all plumbing areas.  Good news is we treated it and she is all taken care of.  If your not sure what your house looks like or if you have termites, call McGrath Pest Control and we can do it for you.

Hope this helps

Scott McGrath